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History Taking (playing)

Last Updated: May 28, 2019 04:33PM EDT
How-to video Patient history Transcript

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          Do patients talk?
          Finding & asking questions
          Free form questions
          Why don't I have a list of the questions I have asked?
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          Reviewing questions asked in your report
Note, the questions you ask in the history section are "locked" after you get your clinical feedback or move to the Physical Exam section. You can return to the History section to ask more questions and get additional information from the patient, but the questions you ask will not count toward your score.         

Asking questions

You will be able to select from a bank of several thousand questions that are updated periodically to meet the needs of the current cases. Your goal is to ask all and only the questions that are necessary to identify and qualify the patient’s problems. These are measurable parameters that reflect the user’s ability to hone in on and qualify the patient’s chief complaint, associated symptoms, risk factors, and pertinent background with the fewest number of questions.

Finding questions
Questions can be found and asked two ways

1. You can look through an organized taxonomy of questions. Click on the "Categories" folder located below the History tab. If this folder does not appear, your institution has requested it to be turned off.
This method is helpful if you need assistance in identifying the types of questions that are appropriate to ask. 

Categories Folder

2. You can use the search field to find your questions. If you are using the Google Chrome browser, you can use the speech to text option by clicking on the microphone icon. As you speak into your microphone, you will see the words appear in the search field.

Question search field

Can I ask a free form a question?

Unlike Amazon’s Alexa where you can ask a question that has a single factual response such as “what is tomorrow’s weather forecast,” a patient’s response to a given question may vary considerably. This is the reason clinicians call the patient history a “subjective” examination and you will need to choose from the list of questions provided by your search or by selecting from a category.

Why don't I have a list of the questions I asked while taking the history?
Just like when you are interviewing a patient or client in real life, you will need to make a mental, or write down, the questions you are asking your patient to ensure you are not asking the same questions. You will only be provided a list of the questions you asked after you get your feedback, when in learning mode, or when reviewing your report, when available.
Reviewing questions

You are able to review the questions you asked after you get your clinical feedback when in learning mode while playing a case. To see them, go to the History tab, then click on the Show Clinical Feedback, then click the "Click here to show a detailed list of the questions you asked." link at the top of the feedback window, then scroll down to see them listed in the bottom of the feedback window.

 Questions asked

After clicking the link shown in the image above, scroll down to see questions.
Question details

Reviewing "questions asked" in your report

You can also see the questions in your report. Please note your school may have set your case to not allow you to see your report until they have released it. If this is the case, you will not be able to access your report.
To view questions asked in your report, click on the report icon Report icon to view your report, then click on History & Physical Exam, then the down arrows to the right of "All History Questions" to see them listed below the blue heading bar. 

Questions asked - Report view


Do the patients talk?

We do not provide synthesized avatar speech, largely because of the broad variety of avatar types, ages, genders, ethnicities, accents, and the cognitive dissonance that occurs with the inability of synthesized speech technology to represent various and stressed emotional states.
Interview Progress button  
 Located at the bottom of the History window, when available
If your institution has enabled the Interview Progress button, you will have the option to use it after first asking 5 unique questions. It will allow up to 10 possible hints, this number can range from 1 to 10 depending on what they have selected, to show where you should focus your attention when asking questions. 
Interview progress pop up window
The number next to the category indicates the number of questions the expert would ask that you have not asked for that category such as in the example above, there are still 3 questions the expert would ask in the Chief Complaint category.

Moving to the Physical Exam section
To move to the next section, use the "Next" button at the bottom of the screen.
  In LEARNING Mode, you will see a button that says, "Next Step: Get clinical feedback"
  In TEST Mode, you will see a button that says, "Submit History"
You will get a pop up window, that states "Warning You are about to submit your activities for evaluation. You will not be able to change your answer after that. Is that what you want?"

Once you click "yes," you will be able to return to the History section to ask more questions and get answers, but your actions will not be counted toward your score. 

Unable to move ahead
If you cannot move to the next section, make sure to review the pop up windows as they will provide details on what you need to complete before you can move to the next section. In the image below, it informs us that the science/clinical questions for the Hx section have not been completed.
This can be caused by one or more missed items:
  1. You did not complete the Science/Clinical Questions that are required (click the gear head icon)
  2. You did not evaluate each of the questions in the Science/Clinical Questions area. Make sure to review each question and click the "Evaluate" button to lock in your answer.

Need more help?

We are investigating an issue with searching history questions. If you are unable to locate the question you are looking to ask your patient, please use the Category Folder.

Internet Explorer will no longer work and please use another browser such as Google Chrome.

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